Aug 22, 2008

California: Cerebral Palsy Settlement for 2 1/2 Year Old Boy Establishes $4 Million Annuity That Will Pay $15,000/mo.

The Visalia Times Delta reports that Sierra View District Hospital in Porterville, CA, has agreed to pay $4 million to a 2 1/2-year-old boy in a malpractice-case settlement, attorneys for both sides said Wednesday.
The $4 million would be used to purchase an annuity that would pay the boy $15,000 per month to start, said Dr. Bruce Fagel, a physician-attorney who regularly represents families of children injured at birth. That sum would rise 3 percent a year, paying the boy $45 million "over his life expectancy...."
For more details on the birth injury and settement, see the full article here. See another report in the Fresno Bee.

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