Oct 28, 2008

Family Receives $11.4 for Son's Cerebral Palsy in Wisconsin

WISCONSIN — According to the LaCrosse Tribune, a Crawford County jury has awarded approx. $11.4 million to the family of a boy who suffered brain injuries during his birth. He now suffers from cerebral palsy and requires constant care. The article, Family receives $11.4 million in medical malpractice lawsuit, states the outcome of the case as follows:
" The jury awarded the Jelineks $310,369 for past medical and health care expenses; $5 million for future care; $387,000 for Laine’s loss of earning capacity; $3.25 million for Laine’s past and future pain, suffering and disability; and $2.5 million for the parents’ loss of society and companionship."
For more information read the full article at: Wisconsin Malpractice $11.4.

Oct 21, 2008

Market Turmoil Impacts Virginia Birth Injury Fund

The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that the recent market turmoil has resulted in a $35 million drop in value of the state's Birth-related Neurological Injury Compensation Fund, which has gone from $186 million to $166.5 million according to the article as of Wednesday last week.

"The Richmond-based birth-injury program provides lifetime medical payments to eligible children who can be shown to have suffered oxygen loss at birth and are left with severe lifelong injuries, in most cases cerebral palsy."

"The program was envisioned as an alternative to medical malpractice suits against obstetricians and hospitals involved in the births of disabled children."

The drop in value is on top of a long-term projected shortfall. To read more, click on this link: Birth injury fund.

Oct 10, 2008

Seattle: Jury Awards $4.25 Million in Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit

Seattle, WA — The Seattle Times writes of a medical malpractice trial where the jury awarded $4.25 million to the family of a girl whose birth injuries include brain damage and cerebral palsy.
"Evergreen Hospital must pay the family of a Maple Valley girl about $4.25 million after the hospital's negligence during her delivery caused cerebral palsy and severe brain damage, a King County Superior Court jury ruled Thursday."
See the full article: $4.25M awarded to family of girl with brain damage.

Seattle's KOMO News carries this report on the same trial... Jury: Hospital to blame for girl's brain damage