Oct 28, 2008

Family Receives $11.4 for Son's Cerebral Palsy in Wisconsin

WISCONSIN — According to the LaCrosse Tribune, a Crawford County jury has awarded approx. $11.4 million to the family of a boy who suffered brain injuries during his birth. He now suffers from cerebral palsy and requires constant care. The article, Family receives $11.4 million in medical malpractice lawsuit, states the outcome of the case as follows:
" The jury awarded the Jelineks $310,369 for past medical and health care expenses; $5 million for future care; $387,000 for Laine’s loss of earning capacity; $3.25 million for Laine’s past and future pain, suffering and disability; and $2.5 million for the parents’ loss of society and companionship."
For more information read the full article at: Wisconsin Malpractice $11.4.


M Kennedy, Editor said...

Can anyone recommend a good attorney in Vermont for bith injury resulting in cerebral palsy?

Malpractice News Editor said...

Hi Mr. Kennedy,
If you need a good birth injury attorney in Vermont, you should check out Sylvester & Maley. They have several excellent attorneys. Ask for Alan Sylvester. They have experience with cerebral palsy and some good outcomes. www.sylvestermaley.com