Nov 18, 2008

In Pennsylvania, Jury Awards $20.5 Million for Cerebral Palsy Birth

A Lackawanna County jury deliberated Monday for about four hours before deciding that a physician and Community Medical Center were negligent in their treatment of a woman, who gave birth to a baby boy who received sustaining injuries during birth. The boy has cerebral palsy and no use of his hands, is blind and mentally retarded.

According the Times Tribune report,
"The parents will receive $2 million of the award for health care expenses and related costs. The child, now 7, was awarded $18.5 million, which he would receive upon turning 18, for lost earning capacity, pain and suffering and medical expenses."
Additionally, the report states that the
amount of the award "dwarfs any in recent history by juries in Northeast Pennsylvania."

To read the full article, click on cerebral palsy verdict.

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